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Why are cheek fillers so popular?

dermaplaning and chemical peel combo

Dermal fillers are a popular aesthetic procedure for people of all ages, across a range of different facial areas. From the lips and nose, to the cheeks and jawline, dermal fillers can have a positive impact on facial structure and shape, without damaging your body or skin, and without surgery. But why are cheek fillers so popular? And what are the benefits from this aesthetic procedure? Well, as Preston’s leading aesthetic practitioners, here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we offer a range of high quality, effective aesthetic treatment options, including dermal fillers, chemical peels and laser hair removal. And this is our guide to everything that has made cheek fillers so popular.

Why are cheek fillers one of the most popular dermal filler treatments?

Cheek fillers are a specific type of dermal filler. These involve injecting the dermal filler, which is made up of hyaluronic acid, into the cheek area of the skin. These are one of the most popular dermal filler options, especially with those under 40. But why are cheek fillers so popular? Well, there are many reasons, including:

  • Accentuating cheek bones and facial structure
  • Improving facial symmetry
  • Creating a youthful appearance

Cheek fillers can accentuate cheek bones and facial structure

Hyaluronic acid has a number effects when it is injected into the skin with the primary effect being increasing the tissue volume. What this means in practice is that cheek fillers can enhance the volume and the appearance of your cheek bones, so that these are more noticeable.

The increased volume also has a knock on positive effect for the overall facial structure. This is because, as a natural part of the ageing process, the skin loses volume. This lost volume can lead to sagging skin and the development of hollow areas. In the cheek region, sagging skin can result in the increased prominence of sagging jawline skin, as well as hollow circles under the eyes. But with cheek filler, this can easily be avoided, by replacing any lost volume with the hyaluronic acid. And with regular top up treatments, you can maintain these advantages in the long term.

Improving facial symmetry

The idea of facial symmetry is becoming increasingly popular, and although no face is completely symmetrical, nor should it be, big differences between one side of the face and the other can have a negative impact on self confidence. Cheek fillers can help to balance out any noticeable areas of asymmetry, by changing the shape, volume, and structure of the cheeks themselves. And as the centre of the face, this can have a dramatic, positive impact.

Creating a youthful appearance

Fuller cheeks are often associated with a youthful appearance, and with injections of hyaluronic acid into the cheek area, anyone can achieve this youthful look, at any time.

For more information or advice about cheek enhancement treatment, and other anti-aging treatments, get in touch with Preston’s leading experts today, here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic.

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