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Acne Scar & Facial Scar treatment in Preston

From acne scarring to surgical scarring, facial scars can occur for a variety of reasons. And reducing the appearance of any facial scar is often a top priority for both men and women. There are a range of facial treatment options available, specifically designed to reduce the visual effects of facial scarring. So what are these treatments? And which should you consider for reducing the appearance of facial scars? Well, here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we are Preston’s leading facial professionals. And we provide a range of high quality, professional facial treatment options. As a result, we have produced this guide to the different treatment options for facial scars. 

acne scar treatment in Preston

Reducing the appearance of facial scars

Different types of scars can create different issues for your skin. These can include:

  • an uneven texture
  • an uneven colouration
  • hollow patches

For the best results, a blended treatment package is often the best option, combining different treatment types to suit your individual requirements.

Uneven skin textures

Uneven skin texture often occurs when you have a facial scar. Depending on the cause of the scar, the texture of the scar itself can be very smooth, or quite dry. The texture of the skin is often caused by the very first layers of the skin, and for this reason, a chemical peel can be a great option to remove these outer layers and trigger exfoliation. As a result, new skin cells will replace the old, and this could reduce any issues with skin texture.

Microneedling is also a very effective treatment option that will involve injections with small needles to trigger the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, as well as new skin cells. This can result in an improved appearance in skin texture, particularly around facial scarring.

Uneven colouration

Scar tissue tends to be a different colour to the rest of your skin. Whether the scar is lighter or darker depends on the nature of the scar itself, but mesotherapy could help to reduce the appearance of any uneven colouration. This is because the superfine needles used during mesotherapy deliver nutrients and vitamins to the area, and will trigger your skin in the localized area to produce more collagen, and more elastin. This will help to refresh and nourish your skin cells, and lessen any darkening that you may be experiencing.

Hollow patches

Dermal fillers easily provide the best solution when targeting hollow patches created by facial scars. Whether there are multiple hollow patches created by small acne scars, or larger scars created by surgical procedures or skin trauma, dermal fillers injected underneath the scar tissue can help to re-contour your face. The filler will essentially fill the hollow skin, evening your facial structure and dramatically reducing the appearance of your scar tissue. This will also provide hydration and skin nourishment, as well as increase the natural production of collagen and elastin.

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