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We’ve listed some common conditions below. We’re still working on this section of our website so please contact us if you’re unsure about anything.

All conditions are treated in our Preston city centre clinic by Shana & Debbie, registered and experienced nurses. 

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rosacea treatment in Preston


Rosacea is a common but poorly understood long term skin condition, that affects mainly the face. It is thought 1 in 10 people may suffer with this condition however most people are never formally diagnosed or treated. It most commonly affects people with fair skin but can also occur in people of Asian or African origin, affecting both men and women, but tending to be more common in women.

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acne scar treatment in Preston


From acne scarring to surgical scarring, facial scars can occur for a variety of reasons. And reducing the appearance of any facial scar is often a top priority for both men and women. There are a range of facial treatment options available, specifically designed to reduce the visual effects of facial scarring.

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crows feet and wrinkles on eyes


Wrinkles and lines are perfectly natural but they are associated with getting older. Fortunately there are solutions to the natural effects of ageing.

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