Lip fillers, dermal fillers, anti wrinkle treatments and chemical peels for the lovely people of Leyland, lovingly carried out by registered nurses at The Skin & Wellbeing Clinic.

Leyland raised nurses Shana & Debbie are proud to provide a luxurious, clean and discreet environment in which you wonderful Leyland folk can enjoy professional skin treatments and non surgical aesthetics including lip fillers, dermal fillers, anti wrinkle treatments and much more. Our clinic, just a 5 minute train ride from Leyland train station really is worth a visit!

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Destroy stubborn facial and body fat with professional fat dissolving injections. For effective, permanent removal of fat cells on the face or body, fat dissolving injections can be the perfect solution.

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The most effective way to smooth out natural smile and laughter lines, natural effects of ageing or sun damage. Pop in and have a chat with us today about just how effective our anti wrinkle treatments could be for you.

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Dermal or lip fillers are becoming an increasing and popular way to reduce the signs of ageing. They are a quick and cost effective option in being able to deal with fine lines, wrinkles and sunken areas with almost immediate results.

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THIS facial treatment provides deep exfoliation and skin transformation. It involves a highly trained professional aesthetic practitioner (like us!) using a small surgical scalpel to gently shave off the top layers of the skin.

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Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves using superfine injections. These are filled with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, that are injected directly into the mesodermal layer of the skin, where it will promote the production of collagen and elastin.

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Increase collagen with professional microneedling. Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is a treatment that can be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars, sun spots, and signs of aging. This is a a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

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A big HELLO from Shana & Debbie. Experienced, registered medical professionals.

With a wealth of experience in nursing, midwifery, trauma and dermatology, Shana & Debbie are the perfect team to carry out non surgical aesthetics treatments for clients in Leyland. We aim to provide a service in which our clients feel comfortable, relaxed and even empowered about their decision to have aesthetics treatments or treatments for skin conditions. Don’t be shy, come and meet us.

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Come and take a look at our lovely treatment rooms overlooking the park.

We really have pulled out all the stops when choosing the location and the decor of our treatment rooms. With a grand view over the park, elegant furniture, lovely artwork and the perfect discreet location with plenty of parking space, we guarantee a pleasant trip to the clinic every time.

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