Anti Wrinkle Treatments & Lip fillers Chorley can pout about! Welcome from registered nurses at The Skin & Wellbeing Clinic in Preston.

When you think of lip fillers or dermal fillers, you might be thinking about lip enhancements, cheek enhancements, and this years Love Island contenders. But dermal fillers aren’t just useful for maintaining a youthful appearance, or emphasizing natural features. They can actually be key to tackling a range of facial and body issues, including facial asymmetry and scar tissue. In fact, for treating indented scars, dermal fillers can be the best option. Here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we are Preston’s leading providers of dermal fillers, and other aesthetic procedures like anti-wrinkle treatments and microneedling.

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We have a wide range of cutting edge aesthetics, skin and wellbeing treatments available including wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and lip augmentation, laser hair removal and IPL, dermaplaning and much more. Come and explore our treatment options or just go ahead and book an appointment now.

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Fear not Gents. We have a whole range of aesthetics treatments for you too.

We treat loads of blokes every week at the clinic. Our male clients tell us that they love it here because it’s discreet, there’s plenty of parking and that they can get in and out in no time! If you’re a fella considering aesthetics for the first time, or if you’re a veteran in the treatment chair and are looking for a new clinic to keep you looking your best, we’d love to hear from you.

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Lip Fillers & Dermal Fillers. What are they?

Dermal fillers are an aesthetic treatment that involves injecting a gel into the skin to add volume and hydration. The dermal fillers we use are hyaluronic acid based, and this is a naturally occurring substance that can hydrate the skin and supports the natural production of collagen.

Dermal fillers can have a dramatic effect on reducing the appearance of scar tissue on the face. In fact, your scars could become virtually unnoticeable, over time. This is because scar tissue often leaves a hollow, and even if this is only minimal, it will be noticeable. 

Will I have long lasting lip filler results?

Dermal fillers themselves will last for around 6 months, before the treatment will need to be reapplied. But over time, dermal fillers can make a permanent improvement to the appearance of facial scars. This is because the filler injections help to break up scar tissue, and the collagen-boosting properties of the hyaluronic acid within the filler, can help your skin begin to naturally repair. This won’t get rid of the scar entirely, but it does mean that over time, less filler and less frequent treatments will be required, to maintain the much improved appearance of your skin.

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Choose dermal fillers to transform facial scars

Dermal fillers can help to transform the appearance of facial scars, as they can be injected directly into the site of the scar. This adds volume to the skin at the base of the scar, and raises the level of the scarred skin to become flush with the surface of the rest of your face. As a result, the scar tissue will no longer be indented.

Dermal fillers can also have a hydrating effect on your skin cells, which can help to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin, including the damaged scar tissue which may have an uneven tone.

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