vein and pigment with IPL

IPL facial & vein pigment removal in Preston by qualified nurses.

Professional IPL treatments can remove facial veins and reduce the appearance of skin discolouration dramatically.

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What is IPL facial vein removal?

Also called broken red veins, facial thread veins are small red, purple or blue veins that can appear across the cheeks, nose and chin. These are caused by a range of factors including sun damage and autoimmune conditions, as well as rosacea, or as a natural part of the ageing process. These veins appear when dilated, allowing them to be visible through the skin. IPL treatment can provide an effective solution for facial veins, as this uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to target the cell walls of the vein, reducing the size of the veins around the area of vascular damage.

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What is IPL pigment removal?

IPL pigment removal is a treatment that uses the same intense pulsed light to instead target areas of contrasting pigmentation. Both sun and age spots can discolour the skin, and acne damage, rosacea and other skin conditions can also cause skin discolouration. By targeting these specific areas with focused light waves, the skin cells can be removed allowing for new ones to replace the old. This can transform the skin tissue and create a more consistent complexion.

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Brighter, younger looking skin

IPL facial vein and pigment removal treatments can leave your skin brighter, refreshed and younger looking. By dramatically reducing the appearance of broken or spider veins, or by removing these altogether, this common sign of ageing, or skin complaint can be resolved.

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Safe and effective treatment

IPL treatment uses light wavelengths that are pulsed into the skin, and when used by trained professionals like us here at the Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, this is an entirely safe procedure. In fact, the lack of recovery time and the non invasive nature of the IPL treatment is one of the reasons why this is the number one choice for facial vein and pigment removal.

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Long lasting results

While IPL treatments generally need a couple of sessions to get to the perfect level, once this has been achieved the results are long lasting, if not permanent. This means that you won’t need to worry about skin discolouration or sun spots returning, as long as you look after your skin in the meantime.

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