Aftercare for Clients following Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

When you are treated with botulinum toxin, we’ll make every effort to ensure that the treatment goes as smoothly as possible. To make this happen, we also need your cooperation! Below you’ll find a list of instructions. If you follow the instructions, the treatment will be more comfortable for you, recovery will be faster and it will contribute to an optimal end result. That is why it’s important that you carefully read the instructions below and follow them closely.

The day of the treatment

First, we’ll take some photos. Remove any make-up beforehand.

During the treatment

The treatment will last about 20 minutes and you can go home immediately afterwards without the need for someone to accompany you. Slight swelling, redness or a small puncture may sometimes still be noticeable in the treated areas.

After the treatment

For the first 4 hours following the procedure you shouldn’t lie flat, there is a risk that the botulinum toxin will spread out too much, possibly in the wrong direction. Once your treatment has been performed, you must use the treated muscles intensely for up to four hours! So frowning or squinting (like when you look at the light) is good.

It’s important not to rub, massage or put pressure on the treated area for the first 4 hours. It’s no problem to lightly touch it in order to wash it, but prolonged intense pressure should be avoided.

Non-mineral make-up is not recommended for at least 4 hours following any treatment. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided. Refrain from taking any hot showers, baths or jumping into the old hot tub. After a few days the effect of the botulinum toxin will become noticeable and after 2 weeks the result is optimal/maximal.


After about 2 weeks the maximum effect of the anti-wrinkle treatment will be apparent. At that point if you would like to, you can arrange a follow up. In order to maintain an optimum effect, the treatment should be repeated after 3-6 months.

Pain relief

There’s usually no need for pain relief, but if you want to use a painkiller before or after the treatment, you can. Headaches can occur following your treatment, and this is considered normal. As long as you have no allergies, paracetamol is considered safe to take. Avoid any anti-inflammatory pain killers such as ibuprofen or aspirin as these tend to thin your blood and may exacerbate bruising.

Work and Exercise

Immediately after the treatment you can go back to work.

If necessary you can start doing some exercise 4 hours following your treatment. However, it is preferable to wait 24hrs as strenuous exercise can result in bruising or activities (such as yoga) can cause the botulinum toxin being displaced to other areas of your face


After the treatment, small bruises and some swelling may develop. They will disappear over a few days. You can use cold compresses (cold packs) against the swelling.

Contact with the clinic

If you experience the following problems you should contact our clinic immediately: Intense pain that doesn’t go away or gets worse.

Infection of the injection site: signs of this are local redness, swelling, pain and possibly pus. Abnormal swelling. Fever above 38.5 C.

Questions? You can always call us!

Call Shana 07772145771 or Debbie 07849013269 or in case of emergency such as anaphylaxis call 999

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