Prepare for the holiday season with aesthetic treatments

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With the festive season fast approaching, now is a great time to be considering any aesthetic treatments to help prepare for the social activities, celebrations, and of course, the new year. But what type of aesthetic treatments should you consider this Christmas? Well, as Preston’s leading aesthetic practitioners, here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we offer a range of high quality, effective aesthetic treatment options, including dermal fillers, chemical peels and laser hair removal. And this is our guide to the aesthetic treatments that can help you look great this holiday season.

How can you prepare for the holiday season with aesthetic treatments?

There are a number of ways that aesthetic treatments can help you prepare for the holiday season. These aesthetic treatments can:

  • Revive your skin
  • Improve facial structure

Revive your skin for the holiday season

Autumnal weather is often swinging from cold and wet, to mild and bright. The fluctuating temperatures, and light quality, can play havoc with your skin so that by the time we reach winter, and Christmas, you may be noticing some skin issues. These can include:

  • dry flaky skin
  • dull skin
  • dark circles under the eyes

But there are a number of aesthetic treatments that can combat these negative winter effects, and leave your skin glowing in time for social events and celebrations this Christmas. These include dermaplaning and chemical peels.

Dermaplaning is a procedure the uses a surgical scalpel to remove the top layer of skin and hair from your face, triggering exfoliation and skin cell regeneration. When this layer of dirt and dead skin cells is removed, your skin will appear brighter and refreshed.

Chemical peels involve applying a lightly acidic substance to the face, and then removing this. On removal, all of the dead skin cells and debris will be removed too, leaving your skin fresh, glowing and youthful. Again, this is thanks to the deep exfoliation the process triggers. This should only ever be carried out by a professional, like us here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, otherwise you could be left with long lasting scarring and tissue damage.

Improve facial structure for the festive season

Whether you want to improve your jawline, or your cheekbones, we can offer a range of appropriate facial treatments here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic. And for the festive season, a whole new look can be a great way to grab attention at social occasions, and mark the start of the new year.

Facial structure can be altered and changed mainly through the use of dermal fillers. These are injections of hyaluronic acid into the skin tissue that add water, hydration and volume to the injected area. Increasing the volume, even marginally, can help to improve skin structure, and prevent the negative impacts associated with the loss of skin volume that occurs as part of the natural ageing process.

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