Spring & Summer 2024 Is Coming!

Spring and summer 2024 are just around the corner! Time to shed those winter layers and reveal your radiant glow. Get ready to shine brighter than ever!


Unlock your “Glow Up” this Spring

aesthetics spring 2024

With spring right around the corner, it’s not only plants that can bloom. Now is a great time to consider different aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate and refresh your skin and to allow your skin to glow. But what are the most effective treatment options to unlock your “glow up” this Spring? And which treatment can […]

The role of collagen and elastin in achieving youthful skin

Preparing for your first dermal filler treatment

Maintaining a youthful appearance is a key aim for many of us, and the skin itself can play an important role in this. Collagen and elastin are key components for skin health, radiance and condition, but what is the role of collagen and elastin in achieving youthful skin? And what are the effective aesthetic treatment […]

Tackling a double chin with DesoFace fat dissolving injections

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A double chin can be a difficult area to treat and manage, as this is often genetic, and cannot be targeted effectively through diet and exercise. There are however a range of aesthetic treatments that can be suitable for reducing the appearance of a double chin, but only one option can truly remove this. DesoFace […]

Facial treatments for younger looking skin

facial treatment

When it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance, there are a number of aesthetic treatments that are incredibly popular. So what are the most effective facial treatments for younger looking skin? And which treatment would be right for you? What are the most effective facial treatments for younger looking skin? There are a number of […]

Popular dermal filler treatments in January

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Dermal fillers are popular throughout the year with people of all ages. January however, often sees a surge in requests for this type of aesthetic treatment. From rejuvenation to creating facial symmetry and balance, the New Year is always a popular time for the transformative power of dermal fillers. But what are the most popular […]

Popular aesthetic treatments in January

woman in january - aesthetics

January always sees a surge in interest in a range of aesthetic treatments. From New Year resolutions to self care concerns, and the effects of the festive season, there are a number of different reasons why January is such a popular month for aesthetic treatments. But what are the most popular aesthetic treatments in January? […]

What is the optimal age for dermal fillers?

beautiful middle age woman dermal fillers

While for some people, embracing the ageing process as a natural development is an easy choice, other people may feel empowered by taking proactive steps to enhance their appearance. Dermal fillers are a popular and effective option for reducing the signs of ageing, and creating a more youthful appearance. But what is the optimal age […]