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IPL hair removal treatment areas for men

man with great skin

IPL hair removal is a highly effective and popular treatment option for both women and men, and recently it has become one of the top aesthetic treatments for men. IPL hair removal can help achieve smooth, long lasting hair removal results, but what are the most popular IPL hair removal treatment areas for men? And […]

Most common dermal filler treatment options for men

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Dermal fillers are one of the most popular facial treatment options for men and women, from all age categories. These are injections of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found throughout the human body skin cells. The hyaluronic acid provides added volume, and hydration and nutrition to the collagen and elastin cells, that are each […]

Dermal filler options for men

man with great skin following treatment

When it comes to aesthetic procedures, an increasing number of men are choosing to undergo treatment. From anti-wrinkle injections, to dermal fillers, there are a number of popular treatment options available. Dermal fillers for example, are used by male celebrities and reality TV stars, as well as ordinary working men. But what are the most […]