Popular facial treatments for men

mature man enjoying his skin treatment

Over the past 9 years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of men opting for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Particularly those that can reduce the signs of ageing, and help to maintain a youthful appearance. But why is this? And what are the most popular facial treatments for men? Well, here at the Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we are Preston’s leading aesthetic practitioners, and we offer a range of high quality anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments. And this is our guide to the facial and skincare options that men are frequently choosing.

The rise in men’s facial treatments

According to Dr Shirin Lakhani, in London, as many as one in nine men are undergoing ‘Brotox’ (Botox for men) in their lunch break. This is something that would not have been seen ten, or even five, years ago. So what’s changed? And why? Well, there are a number of reasons including social media and reality TV, as well as social attitudes. During the past few years we have seen a public cultural shift towards more emotional empathy. This has covered everything from discussions of male suicide rates, and men crying in public, to the body positivity movement. And with more public and social acceptance, men’s attitudes around personal grooming have been transformed. In fact, top Harley Street plastic surgeon, Dr Dirk Kremer states that “today men have a more open attitude towards cosmetic procedures”. So what are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men?

The facial treatments that are most frequently chosen by men include:

Anti-wrinkle injections (or Botox)

Anti-wrinkle injections are a great option for smoothing out lines and wrinkles, and helping to maintain a younger looking appearance. In our experience, men who enter our clinic are looking for frown and forehead wrinkles to be reduced, rather than those around the eyes or mouth.

Dermal fillers

These injectable fillers are a great option for adding facial volume and contouring, reshaping the surface of the face. As we age, the skin loses elasticity and volume, which can lead to sagging skin and loss of definition, particularly around the bottom half of the face. That’s why, for many men, one of the most popular places for dermal filler injections is the chin and jawline.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a great way to hydrate skin, rejuvenate skin and exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and causing new ones to grow. These chemical peels are available in different strengths, and most of the men we have treated opt for a light chemical peel to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leave the skin smooth and fresh.


Microneedling can induce collagen by injecting your face with a number of very small, fine needles. And this has a positive impact on skin damage from the sun, or acne scarring.

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