Am I too young for anti wrinkle injections?

Am I too young for anti wrinkle injections

We live in a society where physical appearance is a bigger priority than ever before. And as part of this, maintaining a youthful appearance has become even more important. That’s why many of the treatments available don’t just reduce the signs of ageing, they can prevent them too. But with a range of products on […]

Common misconceptions about dermal fillers

dermal fillers and lip fillers in Preston

Dermal fillers are an effective and popular facial procedure option, used by a range of people around the globe. Dermal fillers can help to reshape your face, adding volume and structure, while also helping you to maintain a youthful appearance. But, there are also a range of myths and misconceptions circulating regarding dermal fillers. And […]

Common myths about anti-wrinkle injections

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When it comes to anti-ageing treatments, there is no option more popular than anti-wrinkle injections like Botox. Anti-wrinkle injections are renowned for stunning results and transformative effects. But there are also a lot of myths and rumours about this type of anti-ageing treatment. And knowing which information is true, and which isn’t, can be a […]

10 reasons why you should only ever use medically qualified professionals to carry our cosmetic injections


Qualified medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, midwifes and dentists are governed by regulatory bodies that set high standards of practice that must be followed. If these standards are breached in any way the practitioner will be stopped from practicing. Beauticians and non-medically qualified therapists are not governed by any regulatory body meaning they do […]

Should I choose dermal fillers or anti wrinkle injections?

Should I choose dermal fillers or anti wrinkle injections

When choosing the right type of facial treatment, it’s important to consider a range of options, in relation to any specific concerns or issues you might have. Two of the most popular types of skin and facial procedures are dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections (otherwise known as Botox). And while each of these treatments are […]

Will dermal fillers make me look younger?

Will dermal fillers make me look younger

Anti-ageing treatments are growing in popularity for people of all ages. Preventative methods are now just as sought after as procedures and treatments that can reduce the signs of ageing, once they have appeared. From anti-wrinkle injections, to chemical peels and dermal fillers, there are a variety of non-surgical options available. And here at The […]

What are the advantages of chin enhancement fillers?

chin enhancement fillers

When it comes to looking younger, and maintaining a youthful appearance, treatments and procedures have never been more popular. And dermal fillers are one option that can help you to keep looking younger. But that is not all they can do. In fact, dermal fillers can change the contours and shape of your face. Cheek […]

Top reasons to choose anti-wrinkle injections

Top reasons to choose anti-wrinkle injections

Maintaining a youthful appearance is something that can be incredibly important for our sense of identity, self esteem and confidence. And that’s why anti ageing treatments are so popular. People of all ages are choosing treatments and procedures that can reduce the signs of ageing, or even prevent them in the first place. And one […]