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How to look happier

how to look happier

When it comes to aesthetic procedures, a lot of emphasis is placed on anti wrinkle treatments, and procedures that can help fight the signs of ageing. But that’s not the only benefit of these procedures, as anti-wrinkle injections, as well as dermal fillers, can both help you look happier too. So when thinking about aesthetic procedures to help you look happier, what should you consider? Well here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we are Preston’s leading aesthetic practitioners. From dermal fillers to anti-wrinkle injections, aka Botox, we offer a range of top quality treatments. And this is our guide to how some aesthetic procedures can help you look happier.


What are the top aesthetic procedures to help you look happier?

If people ask if you are OK, or say you look tired, sad or angry, aesthetic procedures could help. As we age, our skin loses the ability to bounce back into position, causing wrinkles and lines. At the same time, the skin loses volume, which changes the structure of the face, as well as making lines and wrinkles more pronounced. Aesthetic procedures can help reverse these changes, and as a result, help you look happier. These procedures include:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections across frown and forehead lines
  • Tear trough dermal fillers
  • Dermal fillers for marionette lines

Anti-wrinkle injections across frown and forehead lines

If expression lines and faint wrinkles have created the effect of a permanent frown, this can easily be reversed through anti-wrinkle injections. This will involve injecting the facial muscles with a slight neurotoxin, which will make it more difficult to create facial expressions. As the muscles relax, the skin will reset and become smoother. This can drastically reduce the appearance of frown lines and forehead wrinkles, leaving you looking younger and happier.

Tear trough dermal fillers

As part of the volume loss that comes with ageing, the fat pads on your cheeks, and underneath your eye can be lost. And this can lead to hollow patches under the eye, which become darker over time. This can lead to the mistaken impression that you are feeling tired or under the weather. Dermal fillers in this area can replace lost volume and hydrate and nourish the skin. This can help your skin find its natural glow, and remove these hollow areas. As a result, you will look and feel great.

Dermal fillers for marionette lines

Another area that is affected by loss of volume and elasticity is the mouth. When the face loses some structure and elasticity, lines that run from the corners of the mouth to the jawline, can appear. And these can create a naturally angry or sad appearance, even when the face is at rest. Dermal fillers can be injected into the marionette lines, to add volume to the skin, plumping up the wrinkles so they are hardly noticeable. As a result, you will look happier, and feel more confident.

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