Will dermal fillers make me look younger?

Will dermal fillers make me look younger

Anti-ageing treatments are growing in popularity for people of all ages. Preventative methods are now just as sought after as procedures and treatments that can reduce the signs of ageing, once they have appeared. From anti-wrinkle injections, to chemical peels and dermal fillers, there are a variety of non-surgical options available. And here at The Skin and Well Being Clinic in Preston, this is what we excel at. Dermal fillers are one of our most popular treatment options available, and these can help change the structure and contours of your face. But how can dermal fillers make you look younger?

What are dermal fillers?

So, what exactly are dermal fillers? Well, dermal fillers are essentially combinations of a naturally occurring sugar, collagen and elastin, and this is injected into the skin. The lips, cheeks, jawline and chin are all popular places for dermal fillers, and once injected, the fillers will “fill out” the space. This means that the structure and shape of your face can be changed and altered to your individual requirements. For example, your lips will take on a plump, fuller look that can be perfectly balanced to help create symmetry.

How can dermal fillers make you look younger?

But how can dermal fillers make you look younger? Well, there are a number of ways that this procedure can help you to maintain your youthful appearance. These include:

  • Adding volume to your skin – during the ageing process, our skin naturally loses volume. This is because the production of collagen slows down, and without collagen, our skin will not be as firm, or as full. Dermal fillers then can be used to plump out skin that has lost volume, and as a result, you will have radiant, firmer, plumper looking skin.
  • Prevent sagging skin – one of the knock on effects of losing volume in the facial skin, is sagging. Whether it’s your chin or your jawline, or the skin around your eyes, sagging skin leaves hollow patches, and can make you look older than you are. Dermal fillers in your jaw, cheeks and chin can prevent this sagging, as they add the volume back to the skin. They can also help strengthen the structure of the face, which then minimizes any opportunity for the skin to continue to sag. 
  • Tackles fine lines and wrinkles – Because dermal filler is injected into the space just underneath your skin, this does help your skin become firmer. This firmness can help to prevent wrinkles from occurring in places around the mouth, like marionette lines. It can also reduce the appearance of these fine lines.
  • Smoother, more even skin – dermal fillers will fill out any scars, hollows or sunken areas so that your skin is smoother and more even. Improving the texture of your skin will leave it more radiant, and will help you look younger too.

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