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Top aesthetic treatments to consider when lockdown ends

Top aesthetic treatments to consider when lockdown ends

It feels like the end of UK lockdown is just around the corner, and it is something that is keeping us all going right now. And when we can all finally meet up together again, aesthetic treatments will be back to normal. But what are the treatments that are in high demand for when the lockdown ends? And which treatments should you be considering? Well, here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we are Preston’s leading aesthetic practitioners. From laser hair removal to dermal fillers and dermaplaning, we provide a range of high quality and effective aesthetic procedures. And this is our guide to the top treatments you should consider when the lockdown ends.

What are the top aesthetic treatments to consider when lockdown ends?

Some of the most popular aesthetic treatments that are in high demand for the end of lockdown include:

Chemical peels and dermaplaning

During the lockdown months, skin care has suffered a lot. Dry skin and breakouts are the two most common lockdown skin complaints, and this is why chemical peels and dermaplaning are top of the list for post lockdown treatments.

Chemical peels are an aesthetic procedure that should only be carried out by a professional team. This involves applying the right chemical peel for your facial skin type, to ensure the right results. The slight acidity of the chemical peel removes the top layers of skin, and triggers deep exfoliation within the skin, to replenish skin cells and replace old, dead cells with new ones. This is a fantastic treatment option for dry skin as it can help to remove dry skin patches and smooth uneven skin texture and tone.

Dermaplaning is a treatment that is also very beneficial for treating breakouts and dry skin. This procedure involves removing the top layers of the skin, as well as facial hair and “peach fuzz” with a surgical scalpel, promoting skin regeneration and leaving your skin glowing. This can be effectively combined with a chemical peel treatment, as by dermaplaning first, your chemical peel will be even more effective.

Laser hair removal

When lockdown restrictions ease, holidays will be top of the agenda for many. So why not start your preparations early with laser hair removal? This is a permanent hair removal method that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This is able to damage and destroy the hair follicle within the skin, without damaging the outer layers of skin, or causing rashes or irritations. The damage this causes to the hair growth cycle, as well as the hair follicle itself means that with repeated treatments, hair can be removed permanently. This is perfect preparation for beach holidays and sunny weather.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are always a popular treatment choice. Not only do they help reduce the signs of ageing, but they can increase skin volume and help to restructure the face too. Once lockdown ends, a dermal filler top up will be on the cards for many repeat customers, as well as first time procedures for others.

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