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Skin rejuvenating treatments this Autumn

Skin rejuvenating treatments this Autumn

Keeping skin fresh and glowing all year round can be a real challenge, especially in Autumn. Autumn weather can have a negative impact on skin health and cell growth, and as a result, choosing rejuvenating treatments during the Autumn is a popular option.

What are the most effective skin rejuvenating treatments this Autumn?

Autumn weather can have a variety of adverse effects on the skin, including making facial skin dry and flaky, as well as creating dry lips, sun spots, and dull skin. All of these issues are caused by the frequent changes in temperature, as well as the dampness and moisture in the air, which is more common during the autumnal months. So what can you do to help rejuvenate and refresh your skin this Autumn? Well there are a range of effective options to choose from, depending on your skin type and requirements. These include:

⦁ IPL treatment for skin rejuvenation 

⦁ Chemical peels

⦁ Mesotherapy

Choosing IPL treatment for skin rejuvenation 

IPL treatment is Intense Pulsed Light which is applied to the face where it can dramatically improve skin tone and texture. This is because when the light rays are absorbed by the facial skin, they are transformed into heat energy, which can target and destroy particular skin cells. For sun spots and age spots, as well as freckles and discoloured skin patches, this treatment can be a very effective solution.

Chemical peels for Autumn skin rejuvenation 

Chemical peels have long been the number one choice for rejuvenating dry, flaky and dull skin. This is a treatment process that involves applying an acidic substance to the face, for a certain amount of time. Once removed the outermost layers of skin will also be removed, prompting skin healing and cell rejuvenation. There are a wide range of chemical peel types with a variety of ingredients that all offer different benefits for your skin, so working with a professional, qualified and trusted team is important to ensure that the right results for your skin are achieved. As a result of a chemical peel, your skin texture can be completely transformed, which is often much needed during the Autumn months, resetting the damage caused by environmental factors and the weather. Chemical peels can even resolve issues caused by increased UV exposure during the summer months.

To enhance the results of a chemical peel you could consider a dermaplaning treatment first. This involves using a surgical scalpel to shave the skin, to remove dead, dry and flaky skin cells from the surface of the skin, as well as peach fuzz. By having this treatment first, and following this with a professional chemical peel, the effects can be even more impressive. 

Mesotherapy can rejuvenate your skin this Autumn

Mesotherpay is another very effective option for rejuvenating your skin in the Autumn. This is a treatment option that involves injecting much needed nutrients and hydration into the deeper layers of skin, using a superfine needle. During the autumn months, hydrating and moisturising the skin can be very important but topical applications only treat the outermost layers of the skin. Mesotherapy can provide the nourishment and hydration where it is most needed, helping to support collagen and elastin production and to help make your skin healthier immediately and in the longer term too.

Here at the Skin and Wellbeing Clinic we are Preston’s leading aesthetic practitioners, and as such we provide a wide range of professional aesthetic treatments and procedures including dermaplaning, IPL skin rejuvenation, chemical peels and mesotherapy. For more information or advice about how these treatments could benefit your skin, get in touch with the experts today!. 

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