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Effective aesthetic treatments for the neck

Effective aesthetic treatments for the neck

While many aesthetic procedures focus on the facial skin, and rejuvenating this, the neck can also experience a number of ageing symptoms that can result in a premature ageing effect. So how does the neck skin age? And what are the effective aesthetic treatments for the neck?

How does the neck change as part of the ageing process?

As a natural part of the ageing process the neck skin can become thin and even crepey. This is usually accelerated because the collagen in the neck skin is already at a lower level than that in other parts of the body. As a result, even a small depletion can have a noticeable visual impact.

In addition to the more noticeable development of fine lines and wrinkles, the neck skin can also experience other signs of ageing like dark spots and hyperpigmentation. On the neck, these are often caused by over exposure to UV light and from the repeated use of mobile devices causing necks to spend a long time bending forward. If regular, effective sun cream is not used, these ageing signs can even be some of the earliest.

What are the most effective aesthetic treatments for the neck?

For helping to rejuvenate the neck and de-age the skin here there are a range of effective aesthetic treatment options to choose from. These include:

How can dermal fillers rejuvenate the neck?

Dermal fillers can be a very effective option for rejuvenating the neck skin as these are injections of hyaluronic acid into very specific areas of the neck skin. This acid is found throughout the human body and is able to provide significant hydration to collagen and elastin cells, which are essential for healthy, youthful skin. As a result, dermal fillers injected by a professional and trained practitioner can help to add volume to hollow areas of neck skin, and to hydrate the neck skin, adding support and valuable nutrients to stimulate the further production of collagen, and to enhance the neck in the longer term.

How does mesotherapy rejuvenate the neck?

Mesotherapy is a popular aesthetic treatment option which involves using an ultra fine needle to inject an important nutrient cocktail and amino acids directly into the layer of skin where this is most needed. This nourishment can help to increase the natural production of collagen in the tissue and improve skin health and cell health overall. This can help improve skin tone and texture.

How do anti-ageing injections de-age the neck?

For neck skin with fine lines and wrinkles, anti-ageing injections can be a highly effective solution. These injections can reduce and slow muscle movement which allows the skin to reset and be restored to its natural position, smoothing neck lines and wrinkles associated with expressions and movement.

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