Differences between fat dissolving injections and weight loss injections in the UK

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Body contouring and weight management procedures and treatments have become increasingly popular in recent years, with fat dissolving injections being one of the leading treatments on the market. However, new weight loss injections will be available in some UK areas, from the NHS, and so it’s important to understand the fundamental differences between fat dissolving injections and weight loss injections in the UK.

What are fat dissolving injections?

Fat dissolving injections are a highly effective, popular, non-surgical cosmetic procedure designed to target and reduce localised pockets of fat. Here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we offer DesoFace and DesoBody fat dissolving injections, which are fully safe and specifically formulated for removing stubborn fat cells either from the face, or the body.

What are the important characteristics of fat dissolving injections?

Fat dissolving injections have a number of important characteristics that allow these injections to achieve great results. These include:

Targeted fat reduction- the biggest benefit of fat dissolving injections is that these can target and remove fat cells in specific areas, for precise and controlled contouring.

Mechanism of action- fat dissolving injections work by causing the outer cell wall of the fat cells to rupture and then be removed from the body as part of the body’s natural processes. Once these fat cells have been destroyed in such a way, they will not return, although without good diet and exercise, other fat cells in the area could become larger.

Number of sessions- it is common for multiple sessions to be required to achieve the desired results, with treatments spaced several weeks apart.

So, what are weight loss Injections?

In contrast to fat dissolving injections, weight loss injections help to manage overall body weight and improve weight loss efforts. These injections are often used in conjunction with diet improvements and exercise, to help improve the weight loss results, typically by reducing your appetite.

What are the important characteristics of weight loss injections:

Weight loss injections can be very effective and these have a number of important characteristics. These include:

Systemic weight management- the aim of weight loss injections is to help people improve their weight loss, and maintain a healthy body weight, by helping to reduce daily calorie input through the suppression of appetite.

Mechanism of action- weight loss injections target the hormones throughout the body that relate to hunger and fullness, or satiety. By doing so, these injections can change the way you interact with food and meals, reducing food intake by reducing appetite and hunger.

Prescription-based- Weight loss injections in the UK are prescription based, typically for patients with obesity or those struggling with weight-related health issues.

So what are the main differences between fat dissolving injections and weight loss injections?

As you can see, fat dissolving injections and weight loss injections are very different treatment options.

Firstly, fat dissolving injections and weight loss injections serve distinct purposes and have different mechanisms of action. Fat dissolving injections target and remove localised, stubborn fat pockets from anywhere on the body. In contrast, weight loss injections can’t target specific body fat areas, and instead help you to lose weight in general.

Secondly, weight loss injections will have a strong impact on appetite and eating habits, while fat dissolving injections will simply remove fat cells from within the body, in specific, localised areas.

Finally, with fat dissolving injections you can achieve a smaller body shape, and tackle areas of fat that might be impacting negatively on your self esteem. With weight loss injections, you can help to boost your weight loss efforts and enjoy increased results from diet and exercise changes.

Here at the Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, fat dissolving injections are one of our most popular aesthetic treatment options and our team of qualified, registered nurses have the experience and expertise to ensure the perfect results for you. Why not get in touch today to find out more?

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