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Dermal fillers to create the perfect smile

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A smile can be anyone’s best facial feature, and as such, if you are not confident and comfortable with yours, this can have a detrimental impact on a range of factors, including your self esteem. But there are a range of dermal filler treatment options that can help create the smile that would be perfect for you. So which dermal filler options does this include?

How can you use dermal fillers to create the perfect smile?

Dermal fillers can be used for a number of different and effective purposes. One of the most common applications is to create the perfect smile. So what are the dermal filler options that can help to achieve this? Well, there are several, including:

  • Lip fillers
  • Nasolabial fillers
  • Cheek, chin and jaw fillers

Lip fillers for the perfect smile

Choosing lip fillers for the perfect smile can be a great option. Lip fillers can be injected directly into the lip tissue for a number of different purposes, including:

  • Adding volume to the lips- to plump up your lips and increase overall volume, lip fillers are the number one solution.
  • Balancing asymmetry- lip fillers can also be used effectively to boost volume in one small area to balance out a lip imperfection or asymmetry.
  • Improving lip definition- lip fillers can also be applied to improve the definition of the lips and enhance the overall lip appearance.

For your smile in particular, lip fillers can change the shape and structure of the lips, in line with your individual requirements and the shape of your face, to achieve the right results.

Nasolabial fillers for the perfect smile

If smile lines are the biggest issue with your smile, dermal fillers can also offer a great solution here too. Very small amounts of dermal filler can be injected into the nasolabial folds. These are the lines that lead from the nose, to the corners of the mouth, and by using filler here, you can smooth out these lines and change their appearance. This can help boost confidence when smiling, so that your smile becomes genuine.

Cheek, chin and jaw fillers for the perfect smile

You might have heard it said that it takes more than 40 muscles working together to allow you to smile. What this means is that dermal filler injections in the cheeks, chin or jaw can alter the shape of your smile and can be very beneficial for helping create the individual, personal results you are aiming for.

For any dermal filler treatment you should always opt to work with a professional, registered and qualified aesthetic practitioner for maximum safety and for the best possible results. Here at the Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, that’s exactly what we can offer. We can ensure that you receive the right amount of dermal filler, in the right places, to create the perfect smile for your facial shape. For more information or advice about dermal fillers and lip fillers for altering your smile, get in touch with the registered, qualified professional team here today.

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