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IPL treatment to resolve broken veins

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Broken veins are one of the most common issues that can have a negative impact on self esteem and confidence, especially as these often appear on the face. Affecting both men and women, though more commonly women, broken veins can be a challenge to cover up and conceal. One of the most effective treatment options […]

Benefits of IPL hair removal in the Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and it’s a great time to consider any aesthetic procedures you may want in the year ahead. IPL hair removal treatment is a popular option at this time of year. This uses intense pulsed light to disrupt and damage hair follicles within the skin, leading to long lasting or even permanent […]

Advantages of IPL treatment for thread veins

IPL treatment is one of the most popular aesthetic treatment options we can provide here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic. But what is IPL treatment and how can this be used effectively for thread veins? What is IPL treatment? IPL treatment is a type of aesthetic treatment that uses light. Specifically this type of […]

IPL treatment for skin pigmentation

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Skin pigmentation and discolouration issues are caused by a range of factors including sun damage and natural ageing. There are a variety of treatment options for treating sun spots, age spots and skin discolouration, but IPL treatments can be the most effective option for permanent removal. But what is IPL and how can this be […]