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Advantages of under eye dermal fillers

under eye dermal fillers

When it comes to anti-ageing treatments, there are now more non-surgical, effective options than ever before. As a result, a whole range of facial and skin care issues can be resolved. This includes reducing the signs of ageing around the eyes. From anti-wrinkle injections between the eyebrows and around the laughter lines, to dermal fillers […]

Dermal filler complications

dermal filler complications

Aesthetic procedures, like dermal fillers, or anti-wrinkle injections, might not be surgical. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t serious. And that’s why you should always seek treatment from a professional team, like us here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic in Preston. But what are the potential complications and issues you could encounter from […]

Are anti-wrinkle injections more effective than anti-wrinkle creams?

anti wrinkle cream

When it comes to aesthetic procedures, there is no treatment more popular than anti-wrinkle injections, otherwise known as Botox. People are using anti-wrinkle injections around the globe to reduce the signs of ageing, and even to prevent wrinkles from forming altogether. But is this treatment more effective than an anti-wrinkle cream? And how do the […]

The best preventative aesthetic procedures

preventative aesthetic procedures

When it comes to your skin, it pays to start a skin care regime early. This can help your skin stay nourished and youthful for longer. But can it really prevent wrinkles, ageing, sagging skin or even spots? Well, the answer to this depends on your skin care routine itself, and which skin care options […]

The best aesthetic procedures for all ages

Botox in Preston

Whether you’re in your twenties or thirties, or your fifties and sixties, aesthetic procedures can be very effective. From Botox and dermal fillers, to chemical peels and dermaplaning, aesthetic procedures can help you maintain your youthful appearance, while improving your self confidence too. So what type of aesthetic procedures should you opt for, at different […]

Myths about dermaplaning

Myths about dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a facial treatment option that is consistently growing in popularity, and can boast a whole range of benefits and advantages. From reducing the appearance of wrinkles, to tackling uneven skin tone and scarring, dermaplaning is an aesthetic procedure that can meet a number of different requirements. And this is something we are proud […]

How can dermaplaning tackle hyper-pigmentation?


When it comes to aesthetic procedures and practices, there has never been as many treatment choices as there are currently. From anti-wrinkle injections, to dermal fillers, there are a range of ways to effectively tackle some of the most common skin complaints. This includes hyper-pigmentation. But what is this? And how can dermaplaning help? Well, […]

Is dermaplaning a good treatment for acne scars?

dermaplaning in Preston

Dermaplaning is an incredibly popular aesthetic procedure, carried out by registered, qualified professionals. And this procedure boasts a wide range of benefits for skincare and wellbeing. But is dermaplaning a good treatment for acne scars? Well the simple answer is yes. But how does this work? And why is dermaplaning such a popular and effective […]