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What are the advantages of jaw enhancement fillers?

What are the advantages of jaw enhancement fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular facial treatment options we offer here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic in Preston. These are simply injections that provide volume and shape to a specific area, such as the lips or cheeks. They can also be used along the jawline and around the chin too. And this is a procedure that is used by both men and women, to achieve a range of benefits. But what are the advantages of jaw enhancement? And is this the right treatment option for you?

Why choose jaw enhancement fillers?

Dermal fillers injected around the chin and jawline can be useful for a range of issues, including:

Sagging skin around the jawline – by adding volume to the jawline, the skin will be covering a larger surface area, and this will create a smoother appearance. The increased structure of the jaw will help to keep the strengthen the lower half of the face, which will also prevent further sagging.

Weak jawline – a naturally weak jawline can be an issue that some people would like to address. Small amounts of dermal filler can be injected into the jawline, to subtly change the shape and appearance of the jaw, and strengthen the anchor of your face. This will be injected using the symmetry of your face as a guide, so that your jawline will look completely natural.

Tackle jawline unevenness – If your jaw is more prominent on one side or another, this can effect the symmetry of your face. But dermal fillers can help to reshape your jawline with injections into the skin on the less prominent side, plumping out the skin and adding volume.

What are the advantages of jaw enhancement?

So, why should you opt for dermal fillers, rather than any other jaw enhancement option? Well, there are several reasons, including:

Non-invasive procedure – dermal fillers are the only non-invasive procedure that can change the shape of your chin and jawline.

No down time – because the procedure is straight forward and non invasive, you don’t need any time for rest and recuperation afterwards. Instead, you can move on and carry on with the rest of your day, as normal.

Instant results – with dermal fillers you can expect instant results. So you can walk out of the clinic looking like the new you.

Natural results – dermal fillers had a bad press in the past for unnatural lips. But its safe to say that practices have now very much changed, and fillers are instead used to create subtle, natural results that balance with the rest of your facial features, symmetry, and dimensions.

Reversible – another advantage that dermal fillers can offer, is that they are entirely reversible. An enzyme can be injected into the skin that will dissolve the filler and reverse any changes. This means that if you really aren’t sure about the results, you can easily have them reversed, unlike any other jaw enhancement option, which you would need to live with forever.

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