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Target areas for DesoBody fat dissolving injections


While wrinkles and lines are signs of ageing that have multiple cosmetic and aesthetic solutions, the changing body shape and fat position that is associated with genetics and ageing can be more difficult to tackle. For many people, diet and exercise simply aren’t enough to remove stubborn fat pockets that develop as part of the ageing process, or for genetic reasons. But for these hard to tackle, and stubborn areas of fat on the face and body, DesoFace or DesoBody fat dissolving injections could be the perfect solution. These are injections that are scientifically proven to target and remove fat cells surrounding the injection site. So how does this work? And what are the most common target areas for DesoBody fat dissolving injections? Well, here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we are Preston’s leading aesthetic practitioners. From anti-wrinkle injections to dermal fillers and dermaplaning, we provide a range of high quality and effective aesthetic procedures, including DesoBody and DesoFace fat dissolving injections. And this is our guide to the effective areas to target with DesoBody injections. 

How do DesoBody injections work? 

So, first of all, how do these fat dissolving injections work? Well, these are created using a naturally occuring acid, that is produced by the liver, known as Deoxycholic Acid Solution. This is used in higher concentrations and injected into key areas of stubborn fat, where the the acid will break down the cell wall of any fat cell in the area. Without an outer wall, the fatty acid inside the cell is released into the body, where the lymphatic system can ensure this is digested. The rest of the fat cell will be removed from the body as waste. Once a fat cell has been removed from the body, it will not return. So with the correct diet and exercise, fat dissolving injections can be a permanent solutions for stubborn areas of fat.

DesoBody injections are specifically created to tackle the fat cells in the body, rather than the face. So for cheek, chin and jawline fat, you would instead need to use DesoFace injections. As a leading manufacturer, you can be sure that these injections are tested to the highest quality, and are incredibly safe for use. 

What are the most common target areas for DesoBody fat dissolving injections? 

DesoBody fat dissolving injections can be used effectively to target a range of areas across the body, including:

  • the back
  • the thighs
  • the upper/under arms
  • the stomach
  • the hips
  • the bottom

What are the advantages of DesoBody injections in these areas?

There are a number of benefits to choosing this treatment option to tackle stubborn fat. These include:

  • Effective and permanent solution– by destroying fact cells in difficult areas, like the lower back and the hips, you can reduce the overall circumference and size of the area permanently. 
  • No-top ups necessary– unlike many other aesthetic procedures, fat dissolving injections require no regular top ups, so once you have reached the intended overall effect, your treatment can stop altogether. While the number of treatments necessary differs on a person by person basis, fantastic visual results are usually seen after just 2-4 treatments.

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