Summer 2024 Is Coming!

Summer 2024 is just around the corner! Time to shed those winter layers and reveal your radiant glow. Get ready to shine brighter than ever!


Skin boosts for winter weather

beautiful skin in cold weather

With the outside temperatures dropping, it’s clear that winter is fast approaching. Winter weather can play havoc with your skin, and cause a range of issues and problems. So what can you do to give your skin a much needed boost? And what are the aesthetic treatments that can be most beneficial?

What kind of skin problems are associated with winter weather?

There are a number of different skin problems that are closely associated with winter weather conditions. These include:

Dry skin – from strong winds that whip moisture away from the skin, particularly the cheeks and nose, to the indoor heating that causes moisture to evaporate, winter weather and temperatures can lead to very dry skin. This is often found in patches across the face, or it can be more widespread.

Chapped lips – chapped lips can be very painful and uncomfortable,and again these are caused by the lack of moisture and skin dehydration due to the cold weather temperatures.

Aesthetic treatments to give your skin a boost this winter

There are a number of different and highly effective aesthetic treatment options that can help your skin stay healthy over the winter months. These treatments include:

  • Chemical peels
  • Mesotherapy
  • Dermaplaning

Chemical peels to boost skin in the winter

A chemical peel can bring a big boost to skin in the winter. This peel removes the outer layer of skin, and as such removes any damaged or dead skin cells on the outer surface that may be causing dry patches or rough skin. Not only do chemical peels address the problem of dry skin, but they also help to deal with the cause by nourishing and hydrating skin, reducing future dehydration.

The type of chemical peel you should opt for will depend on your skin type and requirements, and this should always be discussed with a qualified, registered professional, like us, here at the Skin and Wellbeing Clinic.

Mesotherapy to nourish skin during the winter

Another highly effective option for nourishing and hydrating the skin during the winter months is to use mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a treatment option that involves injections with super fine needles that penetrate through to the central layer of the skin. This allows vitamins and minerals to be injected at a deeper level, providing important nourishment for the deeper skin cells. This can be very effective for maintaining healthy skin throughout the winter months, when the poor weather conditions like wind and rain strip the outer layers of skin of moisture. However, this treatment option will not help to tackle any dry or rough skin.

Dermaplaning for dry winter skin

Dermaplaning is an alternative aesthetic treatment option that can be very effective for skin during the winter season. This aesthetic treatment involved using a very sharp scalpel to remove the dead skin cells and the very fine hairs on the surface of the skin, that trap dirt and dead skin, and contribute to dry and flaky skin. As a result, dermaplaning can help resolve dry skin patches and changes to the skin texture by triggering the skin regeneration process, leaving your skin glowing and healthy.

For more information or advice, get in touch with Preston’s leading aesthetic practitioners, here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic.

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