Lip augmentation for more than just increased size

lip augmentation

One of the most popular aesthetic treatment options, lip augmentation is a procedure that can alter the size and shape of the lips. While this is often associated with an increase in lip size, there are a number of options for using lip augmentation for more than just increased size. So what are these options? And why should you consider lip fillers?

What are the options for using lip augmentation for more than just increased size?

While lip fillers and augmentation are commonly related to an increase in lip size, this type of aesthetic treatment can actually be used for a range of different options, beyond simple size enhancement. These options include:

  • Creating natural balance
  • Improving lip symmetry
  • Correcting lip imperfections
  • Increasing comfort
  • Improving self confidence and mental wellbeing

Creating natural balance

Lip augmentation can be very effective for changing the overall appearance of the lips in general, beyond simply increasing the size of the lips. In fact, for professional aesthetic practitioners like us here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, lip augmentation treatments are administered in a way that creates natural balance and facial harmony. As a result, when you choose lip fillers with us, you can be sure of a tailored and personalised approach that aims to meet your individual needs and complement the overall shape of your face. This can result in lips that look natural, full and balanced, not just lips that are more voluminous.

Improving lip symmetry

In addition to creating lips that complement your facial shape and structure, lip augmentation can also create symmetry for your lips. Lips that are naturally uneven can have a direct and negative impact on self esteem and confidence and lip fillers, administered by a qualified and trained professional, can change this asymmetry. With small injections of dermal filler in precise parts of the lips, lip augmentation can result in symmetrical and balanced lips.

Correcting lip imperfections

As well as balancing the lips and correcting asymmetry, lip augmentation can also be used to correct lip imperfections. Lip fillers can help to conceal imperfections like scars or tissue damage, while they can also improve the appearance of other lip imperfections. This also includes issues related to ageing, such as the thinning of the lips and the development of fine lines around the mouth. By restoring lost volume, lip augmentation can rejuvenate the lips and create a more youthful appearance.

Increasing comfort

Functional benefits can also be enjoyed from lip augmentation. For people with naturally thin lips, dryness and discomfort can be a common complaint. Lip fillers can help to increase hydration and moisture, as well as lip fullness, for increased comfort.

Improving self confidence and mental wellbeing

Self confidence and mental wellbeing is an important factor in all aspects of life. The shape and size of the lips is a factor that can have a negative impact on self esteem and confidence. Lip augmentation can be the perfect solution as this helps to enhance the appearance of the lips leading to more confidence and improved self image.

In addition to self-confidence, lip augmentation can have a positive impact on mental health in general. Research has shown that those who undergo cosmetic procedures, including lip augmentation, often experience an improvement in their psychological well-being. This boost in self esteem can lead to reduced stress and enhanced overall mental health.

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