Summer 2024 Is Coming!

Summer 2024 is just around the corner! Time to shed those winter layers and reveal your radiant glow. Get ready to shine brighter than ever!


IPL hair removal for summer skin

laser hair removal in Preston for summer skin

Removing unwanted hair in time for the summer can be a great way to ensure that your holidays can be as enjoyable as possible. IPL hair removal is an effective option for all manner of unwanted hair. But what is this? And why is now a good time to start IPL hair removal for the summer season?

What is IPL hair removal?

IPL hair removal involves using Intense Pulsed Light to target hair follicles inside the skin. These are destroyed by the heat energy that the light creates, and then they are naturally removed from the body. Over several sessions, the hair can be permanently removed.

Why is now a good time to start IPL hair removal for the summer season?

With summer fast approaching, you might be making preparations for your holiday or making fun plans to make the most out of the warm weather. But one thing you shouldn’t overlook is your hair removal routine. Unwanted hair can make life difficult for spontaneous summer events and you may feel that you need to wax or shave before joining in with friends or family. IPL treatment can provide a long term solution, but this does need to be implemented over a number of sessions. The exact amount of sessions you will need, and the time you will need to leave between sessions will be unique and individual to you, but often 3 or more sessions are needed, with 3+ weeks between sessions. This means that booking early for IPL treatment is essential, for you to be holiday ready.

Hair removal areas for the summer season

When the weather warms up we invariably shed some clothing layers and this means that more of the unwanted hair areas might be on display. The common target areas for hair removal in preparation for the summer season include:

  • Back hair- both upper and lower back areas can be a key area for hair removal for people of all genders come the summer months. IPL hair removal treatment can help remove this hair permanently, so you don’t have to worry about it in future.
  • Under-arm hair- again this is a target area that both men and women want to tackle before the summer months. Not only does IPL treatment remove the hair permanently, but it also achieves this without causing damage to the delicate skin tissue too.
  • Bikini line hair- hair around the bikini line is something that many people wish to remove before the summer weather, so swimming and sunbathing can be enjoyed with confidence. And while this term is associated often with women, plenty of men also wish to remove additional unwanted hair from the groin area. The sensitivity of skin in this area can mean that shaving and waxing is very uncomfortable, but IPL treatment offers a gentle yet effective option for permanent hair removal in this area.
  • Leg hair- leg hair removal with IPL treatment is an incredibly popular option due to the effectiveness of the results. With IPL hair removal you can prevent any ingrown hairs or rashes that are often associated with shaving and waxing so your skin feels healthy and smooth, perfect for the summer weather

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