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Hydrating aesthetic treatments throughout winter

The winter weather can have a big impact on the skin, particularly the facial skin which is exposed to the elements on a regular basis. In fact, this can result in a number of skin problems and issues, which are often caused by a lack of moisture,and skin dehydration. Thankfully there are a range of aesthetic treatments that can help to keep your skin hydrated throughout the winter.

What are the most effective hydrating aesthetic treatments throughout winter?

To help keep your skin healthy and hydrated over the winter months there are a number of highly effective treatment options to choose from. These include:

  • The illumiFacial®
  • Lip fillers
  • Mesotherapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermaplaning

How can the illumiFacial® hydrate skin this winter?

An illumiFacial® is a state of the art aesthetic treatment that combines a fruit acid peel with intense pulsed light (IPL), and is completed with a hydrating and moisturising serum. This is a popular and effective treatment option that is often used for treating uneven skin tones and patches, as well as thread veins and even acne scars. In addition to this, an illumiFacial® is also a hydrating and nourishing option that can help rejuvenate skin cells and replace lost moisture.

How can lip fillers hydrate your lips this winter?

Dermal fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that naturally binds with, and stores, water. This is then released slowly to the surrounding cells and tissue within the skin, keeping this well nourished and fully hydrated. In the winter months, lip fillers can be a great option for preventing chapped and dry lips, while also adding volume.

How can mesotherapy hydrate skin this winter?

Mesotherapy is a popular and effective treatment option that can hydrate the deeper layers of your skin, and nourish skin cells within the dermis, for healthy, glowing skin. This is a treatment option that involves a series of injections with super fine needles. These are so fine that they can penetrate through to the central layer of the skin, where vitamins and minerals will be injected. The exact combination of vitamins and minerals can vary depending on your requirements, but this combination of nourishment and hydration can be very important for keeping your skin healthy this winter. However, this treatment option will not help to tackle any dry or rough skin patches on the surface, and for this you should consider chemical peels or dermaplaning.

How can a chemical peel hydrate the skin this winter?

In the winter months, chemical peels can help to boost and hydrate skin for a healthy glow. A chemical peel will remove the outer layer of skin, and this will include any damaged or dead skin cells on the outer surface that may be causing dry patches or rough skin. While a chemical peel can easily resolve any dry skin issues on the surface of the face, it also has a deeper impact. While skin rejuvenation can remove dry skin patches, thoroughly hydrating the skin will take place at a deeper level. By reaching deep into the skin the chemical peel can be hydrating and nourishing, helping to replace moisture that might have been lost. The right chemical peel can also help to reduce future dehydration too. Because there are so many different types of chemical peel it’s important to discuss this with a qualified, registered professional, like us, here at the Skin and Wellbeing Clinic.

How can dermaplaning help keep your skin hydrated?

Dermaplaning is an aesthetic treatment option that involves using a surgical scalpel to remove the dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This is an effective way to remove dry skin patches and can leave your skin glowing. However, in terms of hydration, the dermaplaning itself won’t hydrate the skin but it will prime the skin to better receive any topical treatment. This means that a chemical peel treatment can be more effective after dermaplaning, and that after dermaplaning any topical hydrating skin creams can reach further into the dermis for improved hydration.

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