Dermal filler complications

dermal filler complications

Aesthetic procedures, like dermal fillers, or anti-wrinkle injections, might not be surgical. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t serious. And that’s why you should always seek treatment from a professional team, like us here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic in Preston. But what are the potential complications and issues you could encounter from a dermal filler procedure implemented by someone who is not a professional, registered practitioner? Well, this is our guide to everything you should know about dermal filler complications.

What are the potential dermal filler complications?

Dermal fillers involve injecting a substance into the face to maximize volume and shape, and to add structure to the face too. These are generally made from Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found in the human body. But whenever anything is injected into your body, especially your face, there are potential risks and complications. These are made much more likely when you choose an unregistered, unqualified practitioner, as many of the problems that can occur, do so because of errors made during the procedure. These errors could include:

  • injecting too much dermal filler
  • injecting into an unsuitable area of the face
  • aggressive injection action

Any of these errors could result in complications including:

  • facial asymmetry
  • bruising
  • infection
  • direct nerve damage
  • vascular compromise

That’s why its always best to work with a professionally trained and qualified aesthetic practitioner.

Injecting too much filler

One of the most common mistakes that practitioners with no training or qualifications make is to inject too much filler. This can result in facial asymmetry, as one side may have more volume than the other, or it could result in overlarge features and an unrealistic result. Either way, this is less than ideal, and it generally means that you will need to pay more money to have the botched filler removed.

Injecting into unsuitable areas of the face

Not all areas of the face are a good option for dermal fillers. Remember, dermal fillers add volume, and this isn’t necessary in some parts of the face at all. Injecting into areas with thin skin can result in nodular masses, which are essentially visible lumps in the skin, while injecting into areas near a nerve or artery can also be risky. Especially for practitioners without training. It’s worth finding a professional practitioner for any type of dermal filler, but especially those in risky facial areas, as you could be risking your health and wellbeing.

Aggressive injection action

Another common issue we see is that untrained practitioners often have an aggressive or fast injection style. This can result in extreme bruising, and then infection, simply because of the injection action. While this should subside over time, any infection can lead to long term, serious health complications.

Always choose a professional aesthetic practitioner

Professional aesthetic practitioners have all the training and qualifications necessary to avoid these common mistakes and know how to find suitable, effective solutions to a range of skin care problems and complaints. This means that any risks are completely minimal, and your health will be a number on priority. Why not get in touch with the team today, here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic?

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