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Causes of dry winter skin

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In the winter chronic dry skin, chapped lips and cracking skin can make life difficult, and your skin feel very uncomfortable. But what are the causes of dry winter skin? And how can you treat this effectively?

What are the causes of dry winter skin?

Dry patches of skin are a common problem throughout the winter months, and there are a number of factors that can cause this. These include:

Hot showers – Hot water can dehydrate the skin and in the winter it can be difficult for your skin to recover any moisture it loses. As a result, as tempting as it is to have a hot shower on a cold morning or evening, keeping the heat to a lower setting may be more beneficial for your skin, reducing lost moisture. You should also consider using a good skin moisturizer immediately after a shower to lock in the moisture and help your skin stay hydrated.

Heating – heating at home and at work can cause skin to become incredibly dry as the warm air supplied is dry and lacks humidity. This can cause the skin to lose moisture and hydration and cause patches of dry skin. At the same time, moving from a very cold environment,to a warm building like your home or work can also cause dry skin. This is because the drastic change in temperature causes the skin to lose moisture quickly.

Air conditioning – in the winter, air conditioning units might not be used as frequently but these can also dry out your skin. This is because the cold air, just like with artificial heating, is very dry. And this causes the skin to lose important moisture.

The weather – of course the number one source of dry winter skin is the weather itself. From cold, biting winds to endless rain, the winter weather can easily dry out skin, especially in places that are exposed to the elements, such as the nose and cheeks.

What are the effective treatment options for dry winter skin?

So how can you treat dry skin effectively during the winter months? And how can you prevent dry skin from becoming problematic? Well, there are a number of different treatment options to consider, including:

A great skin care routine – for some people, an effective skin care routine tailored to their specific requirements is all that is required to keep on top of dry skin during the winter months. This will need to include a hydrating serum or cream to help replace moisture that will be lost daily, as well as a moisturizing cream to lock in this moisture to help keep the skin healthy.

An illumiFacial® treatment – this is an aesthetic procedure which involves applying a chemical peel to the skin before using an IPL treatment to target uneven skin tones and patches within the skin itself. The treatment is then completed with a hydrating and moisturizing cream to help protect the skin and promote healthy healing. This treatment can help to remove dry skin patches, and to replace moisture that has been lost during the winter to give your skin a healthy glow.

A chemical peel – while an illumiFacial® treatment is a process with a number of stages, a chemical peel can be just as effective as a standalone treatment. This involves applying a specially formulated, acidic substance to the skin and then removing this after a set amount of time. The peel will not only remove dry patches of skin, but this can also hydrate your skin and promote cell rejuvenation and growth for healthy and glowing skin. A professional team of aesthetics practitioners can help to choose the right type of peel for moisturizing and hydrating your skin, ensuring the right results for your skin type.

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