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Advantages of preventative anti-wrinkle injections

women having fun after an anti wrinkle injection treatment

Maintaining a youthful appearance is an important part of life for both men and women. From reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to keeping hydrated healthy skin, there are a lot of ways to fight the signs of ageing. But starting early, and opting for preventative treatment options can be a good idea. […]

Facial treatment options to tackle lines around the mouth

Facial treatment options to tackle lines around the mouth

As part of the natural ageing process our skin can begin to form lines, wrinkles and creases. These are often most noticeable across the forehead, around the eyes, and around the mouth. And removing these lines and wrinkles, or reducing their appearance, is one of our clients most popular requests. Particularly for lines around the […]

Am I too young for anti wrinkle injections?

Am I too young for anti wrinkle injections

We live in a society where physical appearance is a bigger priority than ever before. And as part of this, maintaining a youthful appearance has become even more important. That’s why many of the treatments available don’t just reduce the signs of ageing, they can prevent them too. But with a range of products on […]

Common myths about anti-wrinkle injections

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When it comes to anti-ageing treatments, there is no option more popular than anti-wrinkle injections like Botox. Anti-wrinkle injections are renowned for stunning results and transformative effects. But there are also a lot of myths and rumours about this type of anti-ageing treatment. And knowing which information is true, and which isn’t, can be a […]

10 reasons why you should only ever use medically qualified professionals to carry our cosmetic injections


Qualified medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, midwifes and dentists are governed by regulatory bodies that set high standards of practice that must be followed. If these standards are breached in any way the practitioner will be stopped from practicing. Beauticians and non-medically qualified therapists are not governed by any regulatory body meaning they do […]

Should I choose dermal fillers or anti wrinkle injections?

Should I choose dermal fillers or anti wrinkle injections

When choosing the right type of facial treatment, it’s important to consider a range of options, in relation to any specific concerns or issues you might have. Two of the most popular types of skin and facial procedures are dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections (otherwise known as Botox). And while each of these treatments are […]

Top reasons to choose anti-wrinkle injections

Top reasons to choose anti-wrinkle injections

Maintaining a youthful appearance is something that can be incredibly important for our sense of identity, self esteem and confidence. And that’s why anti ageing treatments are so popular. People of all ages are choosing treatments and procedures that can reduce the signs of ageing, or even prevent them in the first place. And one […]

Key areas to target with anti-wrinkle injections

woman receiving anti wrinkle injections

One of the most popular and effective procedures that can help to reduce the signs of ageing, and transform your skin, are anti-wrinkle injections. These are specifically formulated to replenish and hydrate your skin, while also fighting the common signs of ageing. Anti-wrinkle injections can be applied to a range of problem areas on the […]

Your complete guide to Botox

woman in Preston after botox injections

Botox, or anti-wrinkle injections, are an incredibly popular treatment option for a wide range of people, with a variety of requirements. Botox can help reduce the signs of aging, and leave you looking younger and feeling radiant. But, despite it’s popularity, there are still a lot of things that aren’t well known about Botox, and […]