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Common questions about IPL hair removal

laser hair removal Preston

IPL hair removal is a popular and effective method for the long lasting removal of unwanted hair. But how does IPL hair removal work, and what are the other common questions about this treatment? What are the most common questions about IPL hair removal? IPL hair removal is a popular and very effective alternative to […]

Preparing for your first dermal filler treatment

Preparing for your first dermal filler treatment

One of the most popular aesthetic treatments, dermal filler can achieve effective results, adding structure and volume to key areas of the face. But what should you expect, and how should you prepare for your first dermal filler treatment? How do dermal fillers work and what should you expect? Dermal fillers are injections of hyaluronic […]

What are the effective treatment options for skin pigmentation issues?

skin pigmentation

Skin pigmentation issues are one of the most common facial skin issues and there are a number of different treatment options available. But what causes skin pigmentation issues and what are the most  effective treatments available?  What causes skin pigmentation issues? Skin pigmentation issues are caused by an increase in the production of melanin in […]

How do dermal fillers increase skin volume?

dermaplaning in Preston

Dermal fillers are a popular aesthetic treatment option that can increase the volume of the skin and help to alter the structure of the face. But how does this work?  So, how do dermal fillers increase skin volume? There are several different types of dermal filler to choose from, but those using hyaluronic acid are […]

Skin rejuvenating treatments this Autumn

Skin rejuvenating treatments this Autumn

Keeping skin fresh and glowing all year round can be a real challenge, especially in Autumn. Autumn weather can have a negative impact on skin health and cell growth, and as a result, choosing rejuvenating treatments during the Autumn is a popular option. What are the most effective skin rejuvenating treatments this Autumn? Autumn weather […]

Treating static and dynamic facial wrinkles

man after dermapen treatment

Facial wrinkles and fine lines are one of the most frustrating visible signs of ageing that often result in people seeking aesthetic procedures and treatments. But not all wrinkles are the same, and in fact these can be divided easily into two different types of wrinkles: dynamic and static. But what are the differences between […]

What are the advantages of an illumiFacial®?

illum Facial

IPL treatments are popular for a wide range of intended outcomes, including hair removal, thread vein removal and photofacials. Photofacials can have a dramatic impact on the quality of the skin and leave your skin glowing and healthy. The illumiFacial® has evolved the traditional photofacial and this is an aesthetic treatment that is growing in […]