Aesthetic treatment options for thin skin

One of the most common skin issues associated with ageing is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But the thinning of the skin allows these expression lines to be more noticeable, and in fact, choosing aesthetic treatments to increase skin volume and elasticity can be key for improving the appearance of the skin overall. So what are the most effective aesthetic treatment options for thin skin?

What are the causes of thin skin?

The skin loses volume as a natural part of the ageing process and this can lead to thin skin. With thinner skin, and a lack of skin nourishment, this will also result in fine lines and wrinkles across different facial areas, as well as sagging or slack skin.

Along with ageing, a number of other different factors can play a role in the development of thin facial skin, including:

  • Sun damage or over exposure to UV light- UV light can damage the cell structure within the skin, particularly collagen and elastin. These are involved in ensuring skin volume and elasticity, and a reduction in either of these can result in thinner skin.
  • Pollution, stress and smoking- all of these environmental factors can damage the skin directly or indirectly, with the result of thinner facial skin.

What are the effective aesthetic treatment options for thin skin?

There are a number of different and effective aesthetic treatment options to consider in relation to skin that last volume, and is now much thinner. These treatments include:

  • Dermal fillers
  • Mesotherapy
  • Chemical peels

Dermal fillers for thin skin

Dermal fillers offer a very effective solution for skin that has lost volume and become slack or loose in places. The dermal fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occuring acid found throughout the body. This can replace any lost volume and reshape and restructure your face in line with your individual requirements. This can be especially beneficial for treating thin skin under the eyes, and slack or loose skin around the cheeks and jawline.

Mesotherapy for thin skin

For thinner skin that may be dehydrated or under-nourished, mesotherapy can be the perfect solution. This involves injecting vital nutrients and hydration directly into the skin using very fine needles or microneedles. The exact nutrients used can be tailored specifically to your requirements and the health of your skin, ensuring increased hydration and skin tightening.

Chemical peels for thin skin

Another fantastic option for improving the texture of thin skin, and supporting skin tightening, is a chemical peel. This is an aesthetic treatment option that offers a high level of exfoliation which in turn triggers longer term improvements for overall skin health. It also allows the dead or dry skin cells on the outer layer of the skin to be replaced with healthy skin cells that will not have the same textural issue.

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