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5 things you might not know about dermal fillers

woman enjoying the benefits of a chemical peel in Preston

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular aesthetic treatment options on the market, with a variety of uses and purposes. Renowned for their hydrating ability, dermal fillers can add volume, nourish skin, and even help fight the signs of ageing. But there are some additional factors that you might not already know regarding dermal fillers, and we have collated the top 5 things you ought to know.

1- Not every dermal filler product is the same

Dermal fillers can take many different forms and may be made from different ingredients which give the fillers different properties. This means that if you are considering dermal fillers it can be a good idea to speak to a professional, qualified expert, to establish the type that would be best for your intended outcome and skin type. For the most part, people are looking for hyaluronic acid fillers which are soft and gel like, plumping skin and adding natural volume.

2-Dermal fillers can be dangerous

Injecting anything into your body, particularly the face, can be very dangerous, without a professional. When thinking about dermal fillers it is essential to only consider using professional services from a reputable, registered provider. This is because when injected incorrectly dermal fillers can cause a variety of serious health issues from infection or requiring surgery, to blindness, as well as unsightly lumps, bumps and bruising. In addition, you cant be sure of the quality of the dermal filler product without opting for a professional and reliable team.

3- Filler longevity can be impacted by environmental factors

One aspect of dermal filler treatment that is often overlooked is the role of environmental factors on the longevity of the results. While a standard dermal filler treatment is expected to last 6-9 months, this life expectancy could dramatically reduce due to some environmental factors. For example, if your skin is exposed to high levels of UV for long periods of time, or high levels of pollution and toxins. As a result, you should plan your long term treatment regime based on your own lifestyle factors.

4- Signs of ageing won’t be accelerated by dermal fillers- in fact it’s the opposite!

One of the most often repeated myths surrounding dermal fillers is that as soon as you stop using them, your skin will age much faster than it would have naturally. This is not the case, and in fact, by using dermal fillers to reduce and slow the signs of ageing, your skin will be in better condition than it would have been.

5- Dermal fillers can be removed

Often one of the factors that holds people back from dermal filler treatment is the idea that the results are non-reversible, and they may not like the changes. But this isn’t the case. Dermal fillers can be removed using a product that dissolves the hyaluronic acid in the filler, and returns your face to its regular appearance.

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