Did you know that there are loads of ways in which you can earn money towards your treatments with us?

Well there are! And we love to reward our clients for helping our little clinic grow! Below you will find information on all the things YOU can do to earn rewards and money towards your next or future treatment with us. Lets get earning…

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swc membership card

Get yourself an SWC rewards card.

Instant Reward: £5

To earn rewards here at The SWC, you’ll need your rewards cards so that we can top it up from time to time. It’ll cost you a quid to do this (that’s just how the system works we’re afraid) but we’ll put £5 in credit on it right away to get you started. You’ll receive your rewards card via email and it will have a code which is unique to you. Keep hold of it, because you can check your balance on this page any time you like.

Get rewards card Check Balance

Tag us in a Facebook or Instagram Selfie.

Instant Reward: £2

If you’ve recently had a treatment with us, you’re probably feeling great and itching to take a selfie for your socials. Tag our clinic and say something nice and we’ll top up your rewards card. You can do this more than once, but only once between treatments. The tags you’ll need are as follows:

refer a friend to our botox clinic

Introduce a friend!

Instant Reward: £10

We’d love to meet your friends so much that we’ll reward you with a whopping ten quid when we meet and treat them! Does not apply to our lowest value treatments, that wouldn’t make sense at all. You can start telling your friends about us right now with these share buttons if you like…

botox clinic reviews

Leave us a review on Trustpilot or Google.

Instant Reward: £3

5 star reviews are really important to us, so if you think we’re worth it and you go ahead and leave us a 5 star review, we’ll be topping up your rewards card. If you think we’re worth anything less than 5 stars, please do talk with us about how we can acheive a 5 star rating together. We’re sure we can get there in the end.

Review on Google

Please note: It’s really important that you have your rewards card in place before you do any of these things as we cannot backdate later.